An important function of Secudac (Pty) Ltd is to conduct research within the ambit of the Criminal Justice environment (i.e. policing (including metropolitan and traffic), corrections, judiciary (especially the prosecutorial services), forensics, private security and social work). Although the main focus resides in applied law, Secudac, if so required, can research the applied side of social sciences such as criminology, sociology and governance (public administration).

Objectives of Research by Secudac are:

  • To keep abreast with and evaluate developments in the Criminal Justice environment
  • To built a data source (bank) or electronic library for the use by other researchers within the field of Criminal Justice
  • To provide the necessary and recent source material for the development of new courses and syllabi, as well as for upgrading existing learning material
  • To assist research bodies in joint research projects and give methodological advice if so required